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Attorney admission instructions

1. An attorney seeking admission must read FRAP 46 and Second Circuit Local Rule 46.1. The attorney must then register with PACER to file electronically in CM/ECF in the Second Circuit.


2. The attorney must use only the provided Attorney Admission Application and accompanying Attorney Admission Oath and Sponsor's Motion for Admission.


3. The attorney must include the bar number issued by the attorney's primary court of admission as requested on the application.


4. The attorney must submit with the application a certificate of good standing issued within the previous six (6) months from the primary court of admission listed on the application.


5. If admitted to more than one bar, the attorney must provide additional bar information on the sheet provided and attach it to the application. If the sheet provided does not offer sufficient space to list all additional bars, the attorney can copy the sheet and list the additional information.


6. Any supplemental information required to be filed in accordance with the application must be typewritten on a separate attachment that identifies the portion of the application to which the supplemental information relates.


7. The Sponsor's Motion for Admission must be completed by a member in good standing of the Second Circuit's bar.


8. The attorney must submit all application materials through CM/ECF in accordance with the instructions posted on the Court's website. When filing these materials, the attorney will be directed to to remit the required $221.00 fee electronically. An attorney who is exempt from paying the fee under 28 U.S.C. §1913 will be able to indicate fee-waiver status in CM/ECF and bypass paying the fee. If an attorney subsequently separates from service that affords fee exemption, the attorney must reapply for admission to this Court and pay the required admission fee. The Court will require any attorney incorrectly indicating a fee waiver to resubmit the attorney admission application materials and pay the fee electronically.


9. An attorney must retain the signed originals of the Attorney Admission Application, Attorney Admission Oath, and Sponsor's Motion for Admission for production upon the Court's request. The attorney must also retain the original certificate of good standing accompanying the application.


Last modified at 1/11/2012