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Clerk's office

Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse
40 Foley Square
New York, New York 10007

Clerk's Office Directory

Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, Clerk of Court
Andrew Barnes, Chief Deputy Clerk


The Clerk of Court is statutorily charged with maintaining an accurate record of all filings and judicial proceedings in the Court of Appeals and certifying to the accuracy of filings, proceedings and decisions as required by law. The Clerk works with the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and performs other duties as directed by the Court.

The Clerk processes all appeals filed in the Second Circuit, ensures compliance with FRAP and the Court's local rules, and issues the Court's orders and substantive decisions from the time the Court acquires jurisdiction with the filing of a notice of appeal through disposition and the issuance of the mandate at the end of the case. The Clerk additionally oversees the bar admission and renewal process in the Second Circuit, reports Second Circuit caseload statistics, processes CJA claims vouchers and requests for bills of costs, and works with the judges to keep local rules and related forms and instructions current.



Last modified at 02/11/2019


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