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Mediation (CAMP)


A Message from the Chief Judge


The Second Circuit's mediation and settlement program (CAMP) is a long-standing and integral part of the court's appellate process. Experienced and skilled circuit mediators work with counsel and their clients to resolve disputes across the spectrum of the court's civil docket. All counseled civil appeals, whether complex or raising a single issue, are eligible for the mediation program, which the court provides at no cost.


The court offers this service because resolving disputes quickly and efficiently by agreement can provide parties with a satisfactory result and avoid continued litigation and uncertainty. Our mediation program has facilitated the resolution of hundreds of appeals. Even if an appeal is not resolved, the mediation process often helps litigants frame and focus the issues to be argued before the court.


Confidentiality is central to the settlement program. By court rule and practice, participants are assured that what is discussed in mediation remains in mediation.


The court is proud to offer the professional services of highly experienced attorneys with extensive training in mediation and years of experience in Second Circuit practice and procedure.


Hon. Debra Ann Livingston, Chief Judge



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