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The prevailing party on appeal may assess costs incurred during the appeal against the losing party. If the Court affirms and reverses in part, modifies, or vacates a judgment, costs are assessed only as the Court may order. If the United States is a party, costs will be assessed only if authorized by law. See FRAP 39; LR 39.1.


Costs may be assessed for no more than the actual number of paper copies of the briefs and appendices filed with the Court under LRs 30.1 and 31.1. Costs may also be assessed for serving a party under LR 25.1(h)(4) if the party seeking costs attaches proof that the paper copy was served. See LR 39.1(a).


Identify the number of copies that comprise the printer's unit. Include the printer's bills, which must state the minimum charge per printer's unit for a page, a cover, foot lines by the line, and an index and table of cases by the page. Indicate only the number of necessary copies. State actual costs at rates not higher than those generally charged for printing services in New York, NY; excessive charges are subject to reduction.


The Bill of Costs form is available on the Court's website.


Last modified at 1/31/2014