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Electronic Filing Overview

NextGen CM/ECF is the next generation of Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF), the automated case management and docketing system designed for the federal courts. The primary goal of NextGen is to have greater integration for filers in the appellate, bankruptcy, and district courts.


In accomplishing this, new functionality has been introduced and existing functionality has been enhanced and/or redesigned.


Unlike the current generation of CM/ECF, NextGen CM/ECF does not use Java plug-ins.


NextGen CM/CF allows public filers to use a single user name and password to both access PACER information and file in CM/ECF.


Click here for more information on upgrading an PACER account or creating a new individual, upgraded PACER account. Click here for more information on accessing CM/ECF NextGen using an upgraded PACER account.


Computer requirements


Costs and billing


Creating and upgrading PACER account for NextGen CM/ECF


Last modified at 10/16/2014