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Proof of service

All papers filed in the Court of Appeals must be served on the other parties in the case. See FRAP 25. The PDF version of a document must be e-mailed to a party represented by counsel and to a party not represented by counsel if the pro se party has chosen to submit documents in PDF.


All such papers presented for filing must contain an acknowledgment of service by the person(s) served or proof of service by the person who made the service. The acknowledgment or proof must be in the form of a certified statement of the date and manner of service, the name of each person served, and the mail address, email address, facsimile number, or place of delivery used for service. Proof of service may appear on or be affixed to the papers filed. An acknowledgment and proof of service form is available on the website. If, however, a party is filing a document electronically with the Court in accordance with LR 25.1, no separate proof of service is necessary. See LR 25.1(h)(2)


A pro se litigant who does not submit documents in PDF must be served with hard copies of documents by mail or in person.



Last modified at 10/25/2012