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Second Circuit Helpdesk

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm


Phone: 212-857-8630




Most issues can be resolved by reference to the overview and instructions on the electronic filing homepage. Please bring to the attention of the helpdesk any errors or omissions in the Second Circuit's overview or instructions.


The PACER Service Center's CM/ECF frequently-asked questions (FAQs) also may provide answers to CM/ECF user's questions.


A filer may retrieve a forgotten PACER or CM/ECF username or password from the PACER Service Center. All questions about PACER or CM/ECF accounts should be addressed to the PACER Service Center rather than the Second Circuit helpdesk. Information about creating and updating PACER and CM/ECF accounts is here.


If a user is unable to file a document using CM/ECF during hours the helpdesk is not available, please email the helpdesk immediately for next-day response.



Last modified at 12/28/2011