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FRAP 42. Voluntary Dismissal


(a) Dismissal in the District Court.


Before an appeal has been docketed by the circuit clerk, the district court may dismiss the appeal on the filing of a stipulation signed by all parties or on the appellant's motion with notice to all parties.


(b) Dismissal in the Court of Appeals.


(1) Stipulated Dismissal. The circuit clerk must dismiss a docketed appeal if the parties file a signed dismissal agreement specifying how costs are to be paid and pay any court fees that are due.


(2) Appellant's Motion to Dismiss. An appeal may be dismissed on the appellant’s motion on terms agreed to by the parties or fixed by the court.


(3) Other Relief. A court order is required for any relief under Rule 42(b)(1) or (2) beyond the dismissal of an appeal—including approving a settlement, vacating an action of the district court or an administrative agency, or remanding the case to either of them.


(c) Court Approval.


This Rule 42 does not alter the legal requirements governing court approval of a settlement, payment, or other consideration.


(d) Criminal Cases.


A court may, by local rule, impose requirements to confirm that a defendant has consented to the dismissal of an appeal in a criminal case.




Last modified at 12/01/2022