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Title II. Appeal From A Judgment Or order Of A District Court


Rule 3. Appeal as of Right - How Taken

Local Rule 3.1. Electronic Service of the Notice of Appeal

Rule 4. Appeal as of Right - When Taken

Local Rule 4.1. Continuation of Counsel in Criminal Appeals

Local Rule 4.2. Duties Regarding Trial Court Motions

Rule 5. Appeal by Permission

Rule 6. Appeal in a Bankruptcy Case from a Final Judgment, Order, or Decree of a District Court or Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

Local Rule 6.1. Rules Applicable in Bankruptcy Cases

Rule 7. Bond for Costs on Appeal in a Civil Case

Rule 8. Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal

Rule 9. Release in a Criminal Case

Rule 10. The Record on Appeal

Rule 11. Forwarding the Record

Local Rule 11.1. Duties Regarding the Record

Local Rule 11.2. Exhibits Retained by the Parties

Local Rule 11.3. Duty of Court Reporters

Rule 12. Docketing the Appeal; Filing a Representation Statement; Filing the Record

Local Rule 12.1. Appeal Docketing Requirements in Civil and Agency Cases

Local Rule 12.2. Appeal Docketing Requirements in Criminal Cases

Local Rule 12.3. Acknowledgment and Notice of Appearance in All Appeals

Rule 12.1. Remand After an Indicative Ruling by the District Court on a Motion for Relief That Is Barred by a Pending Appeal



Last modified at 1/4/2012