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Local Rule 11.3. Duty Of Court Reporters


(a) Transcript Order Acknowledgments. Upon receipt of a transcript information form (Form B in criminal appeals, Form D in counseled civil appeals, and Form D-P in pro se civil appeals), the court reporter must promptly complete the acknowledgment section and send it to the circuit clerk. If an appellant has ordered a transcript, the reporter's acknowledgment must include an estimated completion date, which date must be no later than 30 days after receipt of the transcript order form.


(b) Extension of Time.


(1) Court Reporter's Duty to Seek. A court reporter seeking an extension of time for filing the transcript must file an extension request with the circuit clerk and must serve the request on all parties. The request must specify the date of receipt of the transcript order, the proposed completion date, the amount of work that remains to be performed, the reasons for the delay, whether the reporter has previously sought an extension of time, and whether any prior order stated that no further extension would be allowed.


(2) Clerk's Duties. The circuit clerk must send to the reporter and all parties a copy of the order deciding a request for an extension.


(c) Reporter's Default. If the reporter does not file the transcript within the 30-day period, or any extension of that period, the appellant must notify the circuit clerk in writing, and must update the circuit clerk in 14-day intervals until the transcript is filed. The circuit clerk must notify the district judge, and take appropriate measures to obtain the reporter's compliance.


(d) Reduction of Fees. In accordance with the U.S. Judicial Conference resolution that mandates penalties for late delivery of a transcript, the following fee reductions apply:


(1) for a transcript not delivered within 30 days after receipt of the order, the reporter may charge only 90 percent of the prescribed fee;


(2) for a transcript not delivered within 60 days after receipt of the order, the reporter may charge only 80 percent of the prescribed fee; and


(3) for a transcript delivered within the time permitted by an extension granted under (b), the fee reductions set forth in this paragraph apply unless the extension order states that good cause exists for the reporter's delay and waives the fee reduction.



Last modified at 12/15/2010