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Local Rules and Internal Operating Procedures ...


Local Rule 1.1. Scope and Organization

Local Rule 3.1. Electronic Service of the Notice of Appeal

Local Rule 4.1. Continuation of Counsel in Criminal Appeals

Local Rule 4.2. Duties Regarding Trial Court Motions

Local Rule 4.3. Duty Regarding the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Local Rule 6.1. Rules Applicable in Bankruptcy Cases

Local Rule 11.1. Duties Regarding the Record

Local Rule 11.2. Exhibits Retained by the Parties

Local Rule 11.3. Duty of Court Reporters

Local Rule 12.1. Appeal Docketing Requirements in Civil and Agency Cases

Local Rule 12.2. Appeal Docketing Requirements in Criminal Cases

Local Rule 12.3. Acknowledgment and Notice of Appearance in All Appeals

Local Rule 15.1. Electronic Payment of Filing Fee

Local Rule 21.1. Writs; Electronic Payment of Filing Fee; Number of Paper Copies

Local Rule 22.1. Certificate of Appealability

Local Rule 22.2. Second or Successive Applications Under § 2254 or § 2255

Local Rule 24.1. Motion for In Forma Pauperis Status and Related Relief

Local Rule 25.1. Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF)

Local Rule 25.2. Submission of PDF Documents

Local Rule 25.3. Additional Paper Copies

Local Rule 27.1. Motions

IOP 27.1. Oral Argument on Motions

Local Rule 27.2. Certification of Questions of State Law

Local Rule 28.1. Briefs

Local Rule 28.1.1. Cross-Appeals; Word Limitations

Local Rule 29.1. Brief of an Amicus Curiae

Local Rule 30.1. Appendix

Local Rule 31.1. Brief; Number of Paper Copies

Local Rule 31.2. Briefing Schedule; Regular and Expedited Appeals Calendars

Local Rule 32.1. Form of Brief and Appendix

Local Rule 32.1.1. Disposition by Summary Order

IOP 32.1.1. Summary Order

Local Rule 33.1. Civil Appeals Mediation Program

Local Rule 34.1. Oral Argument and Submission on Briefs

Local Rule 34.2. Non-Argument Calendar

Local Rule 35.1. En Banc Procedure

IOP 35.1. En Banc Poll and Decision

Local Rule 38.1. Sanctions for Delay

Local Rule 39.1. Reproduction Costs

Local Rule 39.2. Applications Under the Equal Access to Justice Act

Local Rule 40.1. Panel Rehearing Procedure

Local Rule 40.2. Panel Reconsideration Procedure

Local Rule 42.1. Dismissal Without Prejudice

Local Rule 42.2. Dismissal of Criminal Appeal

Local Rule 45.1. Clerk's Authority to Issue Orders

Local Rule 46.1. Attorney Admission

Local Rule 46.2. Attorney Discipline

Local Rule 46.3. Appeal from District Court Attorney Disciplinary Order

Local Rule 47.1. Death Penalty Cases

IOP 47.1. Death Penalty Cases; Administration


Internal Operating Procedures

IOP A. Name

IOP B. Seal

IOP C. Website

IOP D. Terms, Sessions

IOP E. Quorum

IOP F. Clerk's Office; Mail; Hours

IOP G. Fees

IOP H. Library

IOP I. Circuit Judicial Administration



Part A. Amended Plan to Supplement the Plans Adopted by the District Courts within the Circuit, as Required by

 the Criminal Justice Act of 1964, 18 U.S.C. § 3006A, as Amended

Part B. Second Circuit Guidelines Concerning Cameras in the Courtroom



Last modified at 12/1/2016