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Local Rule 46.3. Appeal from District Court Attorney Disciplinary Order


(a) Civil Appeal. An appeal taken from an attorney disciplinary order entered by a district court judge or district court attorney disciplinary authority is a civil appeal under FRAP 3.


(b) Appearance on Behalf of the District Court Judge or Attorney Disciplinary Authority. The district court judge or attorney disciplinary authority may appear by counsel or, without counsel, through a brief, a statement or an amicus curiae brief filed by the judge or authority.


(c) Service of Papers. The appellant must serve all papers on the district court clerk.


(d) Oral Argument. An appeal under this section is decided without oral argument unless the court orders otherwise.


(e) Applicable Rules. All provisions of FRAP and these LRs are applicable to the review of a district court attorney disciplinary order, except LR 33.1.



Last modified at 5/3/2012