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Local Rule 21.1. Writs; Electronic Payment of Filing Fee; Number of Paper Copies


(a) Electronic Payment of Filing Fee. If the petitioner is represented by counsel, the petitioner's attorney may remit the required filing fee to the circuit clerk electronically in accordance with the instructions posted on the court's website. The attorney must (1) register as a Filing User under LR 25.1, (2) file the petition for a writ electronically with the fee, and (3) if not already admitted, seek admission to the court under LR 46.1 immediately upon filing the petition for a writ.


(b) Number of Copies. If the petition for a writ of mandamus or prohibition or other extraordinary writ exceeds 50 pages, the petitioner must submit 3 paper copies of the petition to the clerk's office.



Last modified at 1/4/2012