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Local Rule 22.1. Certificate Of Appealability


(a) Request to This Court for a COA. In a case governed by 28 U.S.C. § 2253 and FRAP 22(b), this court will not act on a request for a certificate of appealability (COA) unless the district court has denied a COA. If the district court denies a COA, the applicant must, within 28 days after the later of that denial or the filing of the notice of appeal, request a COA in this court. The request must include a copy of the district judge's order denying the COA, and a statement that (1) identifies each issue that the applicant intends to raise on appeal and the relevant facts, and (2) makes a substantial showing of a denial of a constitutional right as to each issue. A request to this court for a COA is decided without oral argument. The court ordinarily limits its consideration of the request to the issues identified in the request. The appeal may not proceed unless a COA has been issued.


(b) Timing. If a COA issues, the later of that date or the filing of the notice of appeal serves as the date of the notice of appeal for calculating time under FRAP and these Local Rules.



Last modified at 12/16/2009